Company news

25 December 2017

Alkor Bio Group finished the year by launching new 14 allergens


At the last weeks of the 2017 year Alkor Bio Group has launched 14 new allergens. For the present time Alkor Bio catalogue includes 739 allergens, allergen mixes and allergen components.

A total number of launched allergens during 2017 year are 69; most of all are food, drugs, trees and occupational allergens. A range of insect-venoms, mites, moulds, epithelia, parasites, dusts allergens have expanded a little bit less than the most popular groups.

Among the new allergens of December: 6 food allergens, 5 weeds, 2 moulds and 1 from group of trees. This wide range of allergens allows allergists to select needed list of allergens for diagnostics to any patient.

All allergens produced by Alkor Bio are suitable for working with “AllergoEIA-specific IgE” kit by the same manufacture for quantitative determination of specific IgE antibodies in human serum. A liquid biotinylated form of allergens provides a high level of bioavailability for linking with specific IgE in human serum. This fact allows us to talk about high specificity and sensibility of the two-steps ELISA “capture” method.