Company news

10 April 2020

Alkor Bio Group of Companies has released two new reagents for molecular research: “Transport Media with Mucolytic” (TS-ML) and “Nuclease-free water”

TS-ML reagent is intended for collection, transportation and storage of clinical material (saliva, nasopharengeal and urogenital swabs) for the subsequent nucleic acids isolation for PCR analysis, sequencing and other molecular biology applications, TS-ML contains salts buffer, mucolytic and preservative that provide stability of DNA and RNA for a long time in a wide temperature range by preventing premature cell lysis and inhibititng growth of microflora. Mucolytic facilitates homogenization of sample for better DNA yield and quality. Alkor Bio also provides a range of DNA isolations kits to work with clinical samples preserved in TS-ML.

Deionized nuclease-free water is treated with diethyl pyrocarbonate (DEPC), sterilized by autoclaving and filtering (0.2 μm) and is ready to use for different molecular biology applications.