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10 April 2020

Alkor Bio Group of Companies has released two new reagents for molecular research: “Transport Media with Mucolytic” (TS-ML) and “Nuclease-free water”

TS-ML reagent is intended for collection, transportation and storage of clinical material for the subsequent nucleic acids isolation for PCR analysis. 



28 February 2020

A new kit of Alkor Bio GC “AllergoPRO IgE-specific control serum” is registered in the Russian Federal Health Service

The “AllergoPRO IgE-specific control serum” kit is intended to confirm the quality of the assay for the quantitative determination of class E immunoglobulins (IgE) for a variety of specific protein allergens in a clinical sample. It should be used with the kit “Allergo ELISA-specific IgE” manufactured by Alkor Bio with using biotinylated allergens.


23 December 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Group "Alcor Bio" was established in 2007 on the basis of "Alcor Bio, the national leader in the manufacture of diagnostic products based on enzyme immunoassay.

In 2002, the company Alkor Bio "was singled company" Trans-Technologies, which specializes in studying the biology of human stem cells. On the basis of experimental data specialists are developing new methods of treatment of various diseases using stem cells.

OOO "Diagnostic Centers Alkor Bio provides the population of St. Petersburg laboratory diagnostic services. Besides DC Alkor Bio "is a clinical testing ground for clinical validation of diagnostic products manufactured by Company Alkor Bio.