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"Group "Alkor Bio" was established in 2007 on the basis of "Alkor Bio", the national leader in the manufacture of diagnostic products based on enzyme immunoassay. In 2002, the company Alkor Bio has established the "Trans-Technologies" company, which specializes in human stem cells research. On the basis of experimental data specialists are developing new methods of treatment of various diseases using the stem cells.
"Diagnostic Center Alkor Bio" Ltd.  provides laboratory diagnostic services in St. Petersburg area. Besides of it, the Diagnostic Center is a clinical testing ground for clinical validation of diagnostic products, manufactured by Alkor Bio Company.
The affiliated "Vega" Ltd. has incorporated the research structure, which was formed out in Alkor Bio company. This firm includes a laboratory, which is developing diagnostic products, biochemical laboratory, a laboratory for allergy diagnostics, hybrid laboratory, a molecular diagnostics laboratory etc.  
"Sequoia Genetics" сompany. The Laboratory of Sequoia Genetics сompany develops kits in multiplex format for diagnostics of infectious diseases and molecular genetic diagnostics. Sequoia Genetics creates a new platform for development of diagnostic tests based on Real-Time PCR, that allows at least a 3-fold increase the degree of multiplexing in comparison with classical methods. The high level of multiplexing makes it possible to reduce the cost per analysis by reducing instrumentation time, reagent consumption and reduce the amount of manipulation. Sequoia Genetics is a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center.

The Alkor Bio Group supports also the Internet magazine "Commercial Biotechnology", whose main purpose is to promote the development and commercialization of biotechnology in Russia.
Annually, the  "Alkor Bio" group of companies produces over 300 thousand sets of reagents for more than 80 titles, 33 of them have the EU CE mark of quality. Throughout the CIS, among the manufacturers of diagnostic tools, only a group of companies Alkor Bio has the EU quality mark for its diagnostic sets.
Alkor Bio Group has 17 patents in the field of oncology diagnostics, diagnostics of hepatitis C virus, мethod for identifying variants A and B of human herpesvirus type 6, applied treatment methods using stem cells to cure severe fractures, periodontitis, and delayed mental development. All diagnostic products produced by the group of companies Alkor Bio, are registered and certified by Roszravnadzor Drug Control Authority.Group Alkor Bio - is only one Russian non-state entity, which conducts on its own funds basic research in the field of human stem cell biology and development of methods for their application in the treatment of brain damage, heart, cardiovascular and nervous system, in cooperation with leading medical centers of Russia. The company employs 16 PhD's in medicine and biology and 1 Doctor of Medicine. All in all the group of companies employs 280 people.
One more perspective direction in the research activity at Alkor Bio Group is prenatal diagnostics of incurable inherited diseases, like- Down and Edwards's syndrome, introducing the most advanced software to process the biochemical tests data, combined with the results of ultrasonic examination.
Currently, the Alkor Bio Group is developing about forty innovative projects in the fields of biochemistry and molecular - genetic diagnostics, in the development of medical and therapeutic drugs and treatment techniques for incurable or hereditary diseases, injuries and damages to the human body. The total investment in these projects amounts to 20 million USD Almost all the scientific developments that underlie these projects are absolute world novelty, and are filed for a patent application. All innovation projects Alkor Bio develops at its own expense.

Intellectual Property  of  "Alkor Bio" Group


"VEGA" Ltd

№ 2007142478/15 issued 08.11.2007 "Soft form of food allergens for skin testing and patch applicator for skin application"  

№ 134171 issued 27.12.2012 "Hybridization chamber" 

№ 2529717 issued 06.08.2014 "Biochip test-system, primers and targets for identification of mutations in the human CFTR gene"

№ 2627607 issued 09.08.2017 "Method for identifying variants A and B of human herpesvirus type 6"

"Trans-Technologies" Ltd 

№ 2296328 issued 27.03.2007 "Method of determining susceptibility to cancer and a diagnostic kit for its implementation"

№ 2303632 issued 27.07.2007 "Method of obtaining mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow of mammals and the population of mesenchymal stem cells obtained in this way"

№ 2303631 issued 27.07.2007 "The medium for cryopreservation of mesenchymal stem cells and biotransplantat with its use"

№ 2303462 issued 27.07.2007 "Biotransplantat and method of treatment of mental retardation"

№ 2309756 issued 10.11.2007 "Method of treatment of false joints by transplantation of autologous mesenchymal stem cells. Biotransplantat for its application"

№ 2370227 issued 20.10.2009 "Method of treatment of multisplintered and multiple fractured of long tubular bones"

№ 2368338 issued 20.10.2009 "Method of reconstruction of periodontal tissues"  

№ 2430743 issued 10.10.2011 "Biologically active wound dressing"

№ 2009096 issued 09.11.2016 "Biotransplant for cellular therapy based on mesenchymal bone marrow stem сells"

"Alkor Bio Сompany" Ltd

№ 173046 issued 18.04.2016 "Device for automatic blood analysis"

№ 2016660270 issued 09.09.2016 "User interface for automatic blood analyzer"

"Sequoia Genetics"Ltd

№ 2665631 issued 03.09.2018 "A Method for Specific Identification of DNA Sequences "

"Diagnostic Center Alkor Bio" Ltd

№ 2370776 issued 20.10.2009 "The set of antigens for the separate detection of antibodies to structural and nonstructural proteins of hepatitis C virus"