The Company needs to unite the efforts of many people, in order to be successful, in order to thrive and grow for many years,  to look to the future with confidence. Group of Companies "Alkor Bio" is grateful and thankful to all those who took and takes part in this. In response to this, the Company undertakes to seek the following:

Our Clients - We are sensitive to the needs of each client, quickly and effectively help to solve their problems that give them the ever-widening range of high quality products at competitive prices.

Our Employees - As an employer, we maintain respect for all employees, providing equal opportunities for all, encourage their pursuit for leadership, provide fair compensation for their achievements, provide all conditions to ensure that our employees are proud of their workplace, striving to create conditions for implementation of  their professional capacity, as well for young professionals as for experienced professionals.

Our Suppliers - are our partners in the creation of product and market development at competitive prices and delivery on time.

Our Community - We respect and cherish the attitude of our company to the surrounding society and nature, that are constantly help to  improve our products and process of its manufacturing, as well as in the daily life of the company.

Our Products - We are confident that the qualitative diagnosis is the key to successful treatment of the patient and believe that every patient has the right to accurate and affordable diagnosis. We are committed to continually improvement of  the quality of our product and  conduct research to develop better diagnostic tools.