Company news

01 March 2018

GC Alkor Bio won a grant from the Fund for the Promotion of Innovation within the framework of the VI stage of the competition "Commercialization"

On February 22, the results of the sixth stage of the competitive selection under the program "Commercialization" were approved by the protocol of the Directorate of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (Fund for the Promotion of Innovations). The group of companies Alkor Bio with the project "Production and commercialization of test systems for infectious and hormonal diagnostics by the method of immunochemical analysis" became the winner of the competition and now, according to its conditions, will receive a grant of 15 million rubles for the commercialization of R & D results. Extra budgetary co-financing (from the company's own funds or investor's funds) must be at least 100% of the grant amount. The funds allocated under the program "Commercialization" can be spent exclusively on equipment related to technological innovation.

Within the framework of implementation of the innovative project, the Alkor Bio Group of companies plans to establish the production of kits for immunochemiluminescent analysis (IHL):

The diagnostic kit with accessories for quantitative immunohemilyuminestsentnogo determining immunoglobulin G to Toxoplasma gondii in human serum ("Torch IHLA-Toxo IgG») and a diagnostic kit with accessories for quantitative immunohemilyuminestsentnogo determining TSH in human serum ("Thyroid-IHLA-TTG"). At present, the kits are at the stage of production of pilot production series. The project of the GC Alkor Bio, supported by the Innovation Fund, has a scientific novelty: in the process of implementing a project to develop linear kits for immunochemical analysis.

In total, the Innovation Support Fund for the VI stage of the "Commercialization" competition filed 282 applications from 46 subjects of the Russian Federation, of which 55 applications were recommended for financing. The program is aimed at supporting companies that have completed the R & D stage and plan to create or expand production of innovative products. Another important condition of the competition is that there should be companies with experience in selling high technology products.